Dynamics Innovations – GP Excel Paste for GL Transactions & More…

This is a VERY HANDY tool for creating GP transactions by copying and pasting data from Excel worksheets. Best of all, you can use it for free to copy GL Journal entries from Excel into the GL Transaction Entry window.

To use this free tool, The Excel spreadsheet columns must meet the following requirements:

1. The columns to be pasted into the journal entry window must be in the following order:
a. Account Number
b. Debit Amount
c. Credit Amount
d. Description
2 All the rows of the spreadsheet must have a valid GL account number that is active.
3 Each row must have a non-zero Debit amount or Credit Amount. In other words, you cannot have a row with a zero for the debit and the credit.
4 The Debit Amount and Credit Amount number format must not be formatted as currency or Accounting (i.e. no $ or commas).

The resulting file should look something like this:

Excel Paste

NOTE: The cells highlighted in yellow are the pieces that must follow the rules above because those are the cells that will be pasted into the GP.

Once you have your spreadsheet ready with the desired journal entry, you are ready to create the GP GL Journal entry:

  • Highlight the lines of the journal entry in Excel (noted in yellow above) and copy them to your clipboard [Ctrl]+[C] or right click, Copy.
  • Open the GL Transaction Entry Window: Transactions > Financial > General.
  • Enter the GL Journal Entry Header information: Batch ID (if applicable), Transaction Type, Transaction Date, Reference, etc.
  • From the Additional Menu at the top of the window, select DI – Free Excel Paste – This will paste your journal entry lines into the scrolling window.



Of course, if you totally love this tool, you can buy modules which will allow you to copy and paste into other areas of GP.

For more information about this tool, including installation files and pricing for additional modules, go to: